Foto ProfilRahmat Nugraha (or kang Rahmat), he is an Indonesian citizen. Now, his age is 23 years old, not married yet and still single. He is a student at Bogor Agricultural University (www.ipb.ac.id) Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Management since 2008. His Passion in Marketing Management, Islamic Finance and Community Development.

In the first year of college he was active in Leadership and Entrepreneurship School program; a program of the Executive Board Bogor Agricultural University 2008-2009.
In the second year, in 2010 he was tried to improve the performance and a real dedication form to the community around the campus while maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit that exists. In the program EDU (Entrepreneurship Development Unit) Bogor Agricultural University.
In The Third year in Campus, 2011 he was improve personality with be part of  SES-C (Sharia and Economics Student Club) in Bogor Aricultural University. from this organization he get more spirit to develop Islamic Economics field.

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